Crowns and Bridges

Do you want to repair and restore your smile? Crowns and bridges are an ideal solution.

At Evans Dental in Mermaid Beach we understand that an unsightly or damaged tooth can have an enormous impact on your self -confidence.


Crowns are designed to increase the strength and stability of the tooth. Providing various benefits for patients, crowns can enhance the function and aesthetics of your teeth and are a safe and effective repair method.


A bridge allows the dentist to swap lost teeth for new false teeth, without the use of an implant or denture. Basically a false tooth is attached to the tooth next-door to hold it in place.

Crowns or bridges may also be beneficial to restore the following dental conditions:

  • Excessive grinding of teeth or an improper bite
  • An irritable large filling
  • Inadequate oral hygiene
  • Ageing teeth
  • After a root canal treatment

For more information on which of these treatments is right for you, call us today to arrange a consultation.

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