Comprehensive children’s dental care at Evan’s Dental can help your child attain optimal oral health for life!

November 30, 2012

Establish a healthy oral and overall future for your child with appropriate dental care

Our highly experienced dental professionals based on the Gold Coast take extra care with our youngest patients to ensure that they forge healthy oral habits for life. At Evan’s Dental we recommend that children visit us on their first birthday or when their teeth first start to come in- whichever comes first.

The importance of baby teeth

Although primary teeth are eventually lost to make way for adult teeth, they play a highly important role in the development of your child’s smile, and as such should be looked after with great care.

Baby teeth assist the development of an adult smile by:

  • Preventing the deterioration of jaw bone material
  • Preventing gum recession
  • Saving room within the jaw for adult teeth to emerge in the correct position

This is why it is highly important to brush your child’s teeth morning and night, visit our Gold Coast dental practice every six months for a check-up and never put your baby to bed with a bottle of sugary drink (such as juice, cordial, soft drink or milk).

Do you want your kids to create healthy dental habits?

At Evans Dental we teach children how to care for their smiles for life. We take a friendly approach to education with children and understand the importance of teaching them proper dental care from the start; after all they will use these skills for life.

The qualified team at Evans Dental believes in starting oral health care early in a child’s life. For this reason we offer children’s dentistry treatments to give your child the best chance for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

To discover more about our children’s dentistry services, or to arrange an appointment at our dental practice located on the Gold Coast, please contact us.

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