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October 29, 2012

Do you shy away from the camera or social events because you are ashamed of your teeth? Evans Dental has your solution!

If you are embarrassed by missing, discoloured, bent or crooked teeth don’t hide away – visit Evans Dental for a truly high quality and efficient answer to your dental woes.

At Evans Dental on the Gold Coast, we understand the stress, anxiety and lower self-confidence that can be caused by a misshapen, discoloured or gap-ridden smile. This is why we have compiled only the best and most effective treatments to allow our patients the best possible result every time.

Worry no more about the aesthetics of your smile…

At Evans Dental, we are experts in cosmetic dentistry, and as such can craft, whiten and straighten your smile to perfection. Our cosmetic treatments can repair and recreate your smile to repair gaps, broken or chipped teeth, stained or even misaligned teeth!

Improving the result of your smile means enhancing not only your appearance, but helps to create higher self-confidence and improve your overall well-being.

Do you suffer from missing teeth?

At Evans Dental we know how distressing losing a tooth can be, which is why we provide several solutions to your tooth loss, both permanent and temporary! It is important to treat missing teeth quickly as gaps create an easier breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to periodontal disease. The remaining teeth also move to close the gap – which means you could be left with a jagged and misaligned smile!

At Evans Dental on the Gold Coast we are committed to your oral health, and strive to provide our patients with high quality results every time.

For more information on our treatments, services or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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