Reasons why Dental implants are so important

February 26, 2013

Have you got missing teeth? Are you worried about gum disease?


Well, you should be. If you’ve got missing teeth, it can lead to numerous other health problems. And not just oral health issues either.

But firstly, let’s think about the oral health issues associated with missing teeth:

  • The teeth around the gap will twist in an attempt to cover the gap, this can cause further tooth loss and gum disease 
  • A missing tooth an also weaken the jaw
  • The combination of weakened jaw and missing teeth will give your face that sunken, sallow appearance.

When you start to develop gum disease and a weakening of the jawbone other health issues arise, such as heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and potentially cancer. So, by looking after your teeth you are in fact looking after the rest of the body. How does poor oral hygiene lead to problems such as heart attacks, strokes and cancer? Two factors: bad bacteria and inflammation.

Because missing teeth tend to be a breeding ground for bad bacteria, it is more likely for those with missing teeth to develop poor oral health and periodontal disease. This inflammation caused by gum disease can then travel through your bloodstream and into the rest of your body, which can cause distress in many fundamental areas. These can then wind up in parts of the body where they can do far more damage than tooth loss.

That is why at Evans dental in Mermaid Beach our experienced team offer dental implants…

Dental implants involve a screw that is inserted into your jaw, then the prosthetic tooth is attached to the screw and you have a brand new tooth. This process does take some time because your jaw and the implant need to fuse before the prosthetic tooth is attached to the implant.

Once the implant is complete you won’t even notice that it’s a prosthetic tooth; one of the aesthetic benefits of dental implants is that you won’t even know the difference. When you run your tongue along your teeth it’ll be indistinguishable.

Best way to replace a smile…

Whether it’s one tooth or all your missing teeth our skilled dentists can help get you back your fully functioning and beautiful smile again.

At Evans Dental the procedure usually takes 3 visits: however, if circumstances permit it possible that we might be able to replace the tooth in one visit. And with your dental implants not only will you have a strong, natural looking replacement tooth, but with regular brushing and flossing a dental implant can last a lifetime!

At Evans Dental our dedicated staff of dentists are here to make sure that your smile is as healthy and natural looking as you desire. It is our aim to give each patient from start to finish friendly dental care to ensure you get the best smile. With our range of cosmetic dentistry you will be able to leave our practice with a toothy grin full of self-confidence!

For more information on our dental implant treatment, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located dental clinic in Mermaid Beach, please do to hesitate to contact us.

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